Original Label: Legacy/Castle Communications 1985

Now Re-issued (2001) on Sanctuary CMRCD193

Songs by Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton/Bob Noble
"You" by Hunter/Goga/Bowden

Produced by Mike Paxman and Paul Muggleton.
Recorded and mixed by Mark 'Tufty' Evans
Additional Engineering by Paul Muggleton and Mike Paxman
Recorded and mixed at Big Ocean Studios.

Vocals: Judie Tzuke
Backing Vocals: Judie Tzuke, Don Snow, Lucie Cooper, Mary Cooper
Guitars: John Parracelli, Brian May, Mike Paxman, Paul Muggleton
Keyboards: Bob Noble, Pete Murray, Mike Paxman, Paul Muggleton
Bass:Brad Lang
Drums: Ian Thomas
Percussion: Chris Fletcher, Paul Muggleton
Saxes: Andy Hamilton
Violin: Nigel Kennedy

1. Wonderland
2. I Can Read Books
3. Swimming
4. Fly
5. She Loves His Hands
6. Sara's Gone
7. Vivien
8. On A Ship
9. Keep Control
10. Man And A Gun

11. In The Morning (Bonus track on re-issue)
Bonus tracks on re-issue:
11. You - (12" edit)
12. Love Like Fire (single edit)
13. I'll Be The One (single edit)

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