Turning Stones

Turning Stones

Original Label: Polydor Records 1989

Songs by Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton/Bob Noble

Produced by Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton
Recorded and mixed at Big Ocean Studios.

Vocals/Backing Vocals:Judie Tzuke
Instruments:Mike Paxman/Bob Noble/Paul Muggleton/Judie Tzuke
Violin:Nigel Kennedy
Saxes:Andy Sheppard
Basses:John Giblin

Recorded and Produced by Paul Muggleton and Mike Paxman
Additional Engineering and Tuition:Mike Silverstone
recorded at Big Ocean Studios

Mixed By Stephen W Tayler
At Farmyard Studios
Assistant:Derek A Murphy

1. We'll Go Dreaming
2. Let Me Be The Pearl
3. Dominique
4. Take It All
5. Sound Of My Sisters Tears
6. Run To Win
7. Don't Go
8. Everything Will Come
9. Modern Killers
10. Turning Stones
11. All They Can Do Is Talk
12. In The Morning (Bonus track on re-issue)

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