Songs 1

Songs 1

Big Moon Records 2007

Photography by Judie Tzuke

Song Lyric Design by Chris Parkes at T-Rock Print and Logistics Ltd.

Album design by SarahBerry design.

Engineered, mixed and produced by:
Paul Muggleton for Big Ocean Productions.

Vocal on 'Spin' recorded by Ryan Carline at Real World Studios


Ben Mark, Jamie Sefton, Paul Muggleton, David Saw, Bailey Tzuke, Lizzie May, Gareth Gates, Adam Falkner, Ryan Carline, David P Goodes, Jamie Norton, Graham Kearns.

1 The Cup Of Tea Song - Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark
2 All At Sea - Judie Tzuke/David Saw
3 Oh My Days - Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark
4 Dark Days - Judie Tzuke/Gareth Gates
5 Spin - Judie Tzuke/Martin Terefe
6 Jewel - - Judie Tzuke/David P Goodes
7 We Don't - Judie Tzuke/David Saw
8 This Time - Judie Tzuke/Ciara Newell/Graham Kearns
9 Temporary - Judie Tzuke/David P Goodes
10 That Kinda Love - Judie Tzuke/Jamie Norton

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