Six Days Before The Flood

Six Days Before The Flood

Big Moon Records 2000

Live Recording by Richard John.
Assisted by Jon Sword and Peter Liddiard.
Tour Manager: Sean Fetridge

Mixed By Chris West
at Big Ocean Studios.
Mastered by Mike Paxman.

Cover design by Nat.

Produced by Paul Muggleton
for Big Ocean Productions.

Guitars: David P. Goodes
Drums: Paul Beavis
Bass: Dale Davis
Keyboards/Backing Vocals: Ali Kane
Keyboards/Backing Vocals: Steve Smith
Backing Vocals/Percussion: Mia Silverman
Backing Vocalson 'Bully': Jamie Muggleton

1.Welcome To The Cruise
2.Living On The Coast
3.On Days Like These
4.The One That Got Away
5.Secret Agent
6.Thats Where My Heart Used To Be
7.I Dont Believe In Miracles
8.All Of Me
11.Sports Car
12.One Minute

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