Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Big Moon Records 1998

Mixed By Mark Evans at Big Ocean Studios.
Mastering by Oskar Pall.

Photography by Lightzoo
Cover design by Heidi Baker.

Recorded by:
Paul Muggleton and Mark Evans.
Produced by:
Paul Muggleton, David P. Goodes,
Richard Cardwell and Peter Gordeno,
for Big Ocean Productions.

Bass: Pino Paladino, Peter Gordeno, John Robert Wood
Guitars/Mandolin: David P. Goodes
Drums: Paul Beavis, Andy Newmark, Gordon Mills
Keyboards: Richard Cardwell, Peter Gordeno, Bob Noble
Percussion: Danny Cummings
Angelphone: John Savannah
Strings: Cathy Morgan, Rachel Roberts, Helen Hathorn, Caroline Dale
Backing vocals: Judie Tzuke, Peter Cox, Peter Gordeno, Lucie Silverman,
Bailey Tzuke, Paul Muggleton, Jamie Muggleton and Kirsty Hawkshaw.

1. Tonight
2. Swallowing
3. Both Alone
4. That's Where My Heart Used to Be
5. The Girl I Want to Be
6. Secret Agent
7. Little Cloud
8. Dancing On Charcoal
9. Fuel Injection
10. Bully
11. Move On
12. Mother

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