Queen Secret Keeper

Queen Secret Keeper

Big Moon Records 2001

Songs by Judie Tzuke/Dave Goodes/Paul Muggleton/Pino Palladino/Oskar Pall/Peter Cox/S.Johansen/Brandon Fownes

Produced by Paul Muggleton/David P. Goodes

Recorded and mixed at Big Ocean Studios.
Recorded by Paul Muggleton, David P. Goodes,Chris West and Oskar Pall.

Drums: Paul Beavis
Bass: Pino Palladino, Dale Davis, John 'Rhino' Edwards.
Guitars: David P. Goodes.
Keyboards: David P. Goodes, Richard Cardwell, Peter Gordino, Paul Muggleton, Andrew Chamberlain, S.Johansson.
Backing Vocals: Judie, Mia Silverman, Lucie Silvas, Peter Cox, Bailey Tzuke.
Drum and keyboard programming: David P. Goodes, Paul Muggleton.

Cover painting by Graham Foster.

1. Don't Look Behind You
2. The One That Got Away
3. Do You
4. 1 2 3
5. Drive
6. Indian Giver
7. On Days Like These
8. All Of Me
9. One Minute
10. Little Diva
11. Breathless
12. Lion

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Queen Secret Keeper - CD

Classic Rock Magazine - December 2001

Judie Tzuke - Queen Secret Keeper (Big Moon)

For some time, Judie Tzuke has secretly harboured a desire to branch out from her niche as the blonde girl who sings weepy ballads. And although she's managed it with this, her 13th studio album, the exquisite 'Queen Secret Keeper' achieves the objective without compromising artistic integrity or the selling short of existing fans.

The main difference is the extremely subtle addition of drum-loops, something that she dipped a toe into with her last studio album, 1998's 'Secret Agent'. But don't run away with the notion that Miss Tzuke has sold out to the dance music devil; the grooves added to 'Don't Look Behind You', 'All Of Me', and 'One Minute' (the latter originally appearing on last year's 'Six Days Before The Flood' live album) are completely discreet, embellishing each composition instead of being its driving force.

Traditionalists need not despair, however, as 'Indian Giver' and the stunning 'Drive', are among the majority of songs that retain the shimmering fragility of Judie's past.

Dave Ling