Peace Has Broken Out

Peace Has Broken Out

Big Moon Records 2017 (PHBO001)

Recorded at Big Ocean Studios,
Mixed by Matt Tait, Mike Paxman and Paul Muggleton

Produced by Paul Muggleton

Mastered by Mike Paxman

cover art by Gene Bible

artwork photography by Alex de Blonay

graphics by Eduardo Nunes

portrait photography by Sonia Jasinski

cover design & layout by Jay N. Cohen

Drums and Percussion: Matthew Racker,
Bass: Jimmy Sims, Jamie Sefton, Mike Paxman, Henry Philpot
Guitars: Ben Mark, Chaz Thorogood, Tom Baxter, Mike Paxman, Jolyon Dixon, David Klinke, Paul Muggleton, Henry Philpot
Ukelele: Ben Mark Keyboards: Tim Deal, Ben Mark, Paul Muggleton, Sarah Barton-Keeley
Strings: Paul Muggleton
Cello: Lizzy May
Breath Trumpet: Jamie Sefton
Percussion: Paul Muggleton
Backing Vocals: Judie Tzuke, Bailey Tzuke, Tallula Tzuke, Paul Muggleton, Tim Deal,

1 - Woman Overboard (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark])
2 - Love is not Enough (Judie Tzuke/Tom Baxter])
3 - So (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark])
4 - Enjoy the Ride (Judie Tzuke/P. Godfrey/R. Godfrey])
5 - Gold (Judie Tzuke/Chaz Thorogood])
6 - Lifeline (Judie Tzuke/Chaz Thorogood])
7 - Full Moon Blackout (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark])
8 - Peace Has Broken Out (Judie Tzuke/Sarah Barton-Keeley])
9 - Blue Chair (Judie Tzuke/P. Godfrey/R. Godfrey/D. Goldman])
10 - Thunder (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark])
11 - Hurt In Your Heart (John Martyn])
12 - Angels & Pipe Dreams (Judie Tzuke/Chaz Thorogood])
13 - The Ballad of Davey Graham (Judie Tzuke/Tom Baxter])

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