The October Road

The October Road

Big Moon Records 2011 (OT5001)

This album gives you the chance to experience, or if you were lucky, re-experience the wonderful show which Judie took out on the road to celebrate the release of the retrospective album 'Moon On A Mirrorball' in 2010.

Recorded By Cameron Blackwood Mixed by Paul Muggleton

Mastered by Mike Paxman
Label Head: Jamie Muggleton
Cover Photo and Design: Judie Tzuke
Sleeve Design by Sarah Berry
Special Thanks to Neil, Brenda, Jamie, Steve Racher, Captain Rancid (Tony Ryan) and Gll Comer for services above and beyond the call of duty.

Drums: Matthew Racker,
Bass: Jimmy Sims
Keyboards: Jonnny Dyke
Guitars: Graham Kearns, David Klinke
Backing Vocals: Bailey Tzuke and Tallula Tzuke

1. Enjoy The Ride (Godfrey/Godfrey/Tzuke)
2. Under The Angels (Judie Tzuke/Bob Noble)
3. Secret Agent (Tzuke/Noble)
4. Faith (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark)
5. Submarine Boy (Tzuke/Wiltshire)
6. Come Hell Or Waters High (Muggleton)
7. One Minute (Tzuke/Fownes)
8. Bring The Rain (Tzuke/Paxman)
9. Love Me No More (Tzuke/Kearnes)
10. I Will (Tzuke/Wiltshire)
11. Sukarita (Tzuke/Paxman)
12. Stay With Me Till Dawn (Tzuke/Paxman)
13. Sportscar (Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman)
14. For You (Tzuke/Paxman)
15. If [When You Go] (Tzuke/Anderson)

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