Moon On A Mirrorball

Moon On A Mirrorball

The Definitive Collection - Retrospective 2010

Wrasse Records WRASS259

"I have to think it's all possible or I might as well stop, and I don't want to stop now." - Judie Tzuke

Marking 30 years since Judie Tzuke first found herself in the British pop charts; Moon On A Mirrorball is less a retrospective and more a bookmark on a career that shows no sign of quietening down. Bookended by tracks made for Elton John's Rocket label and songs that bring the story up to date, it's a collection that contains many of the reasons why she remains one of Britain's most successful songwriters.

Moon On A Mirrorball is a collection of re-mastered tracks from 12 of her studio albums as well as 4 new tracks and 2 re-recorded tracks which were originally on the albums Shoot the Moon and Ritmo. To Judie her most recent recordings are just as important as the old hits, so Moon On A Mirrorball covers three decades of creativity, and offers Judie's own perspective on her battles and her triumphs as a work in progress.

"I haven't really come to terms with the fact that it is 30 years yet, it really makes me think about all the wonderful people who become my friends and helped me make my music possible. Compilations in the past have tended to be put together without our involvement, but this is our thing. I wanted something new on it, so it really is from then till now. I don't want to be thought of as an artist from any particular era, I feel I am just as much from the 70s as from this new decade, which I like to call the 'One-derfuls'. I'm just doing what I do."

Disc: 1
1. If (When You Go) (new)
2. Faith
3. Submarine Boy (new)
4. All At Sea
5. Like The Sun
6. Leaning (new)
7. Break Your Skin
8. Won't Do It Twice
9. Lion
10. Secret Agent
11. I Will
12. Love Me No More (new)
13. Bully
14. Don't Look Behind You
15. Cup Of Tea Song
16. One Minute
Disc: 2
1. Stay With Me Till Dawn
2. How Do I Feel (new)
3. Vivien
4. Let Me Be The Pearl
5. Welcome To The Cruise
6. Come Hell Or Waters High
7. Parallel Lives
8. For You
9. Late Again (new)
10. City Of Swimming Pools
11. Sukarita
12. Sportscar
13. Higher And Higher
14. Understanding
15. Joan Of Arc
16. We'll Go Dreaming
17. Under The Angels



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