Drive Live

Drive Live

Big Moon Records 2002

Produced by Paul Muggleton.

Mixed by James Brown at Big Ocean Studios.

David P. Goodes : Musical Director/Guitars
Paul Beavis : Drums
Jerry Meehan : Bass/Backing Vocals
Graham Kearns : Acoustic/Electric/12 String Guitars
Brandon Foynes : Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Mia Silverman, Bailey Tzuke, Jamie Muggleton : Backing Vocals

Recorded on the 2002 UK tour.

1. We'll Go Dreaming
2. Don't Look Behind You
3. Parallel Lives
4. The One That Got Away
5. Left Hand Talking
6. Two Mountains
7. Bring The Rain
8. Late Again
9. On Days Like These
10. Indian Giver
11. Molly
12. Drive
13. Sukarita
14. Lion
15. One Minute
16. The Choices You've Made

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